Seddon Earthquakes

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On Sunday 21st of July 2013, two earthquakes, originating close to the coast near the town of Seddon rocked Wellington, a magnitude 5.8 one at about 7:30am, for a rude wakeup call, and a magnitude 6.5 at 5:09pm. This was followed by magnitude 6.6 quake on Friday 16th August at about 2:30pm.

Although the July quakes weren't nearly as damaging as the Darfield (2010) or Christchurch (2011), the memory and ongoing consequences of those events seem to have primed people's minds for anxiety. We all respond to that sort of thing in different ways - running out to stock up on bottled water and baked beans was a common reaction. I clung to home and started working on this visualisation.

Earthquake positions, times and magnitudes are provided by GNS via Geonet's Web Feature Service. The coastline data is from Natural Earth and converted from esri shape data to geojson format using an online converter. I think it was this one, but I'm not 100% sure.